Invest and make an impact

Invest and make an impact

You work hard and don’t have a lot of time to help the community as much as you’d like, or you don’t know where to start. You shouldn’t have to figure it out alone.

Be A Leader

Fulfill your mission as a servant leader to invest in the community

Make An Impact

Invest your money in the right places so you can see real and measurable differences being made

A Higher Purpose

Feel the joy of lifting others up by investing

For the first 10 years of my professional career

I was successful – promoted - moved up the career ladder – recruited for new jobs in new companies with greater responsibility - and compensation. I had my eyes set on my growth, my career and my financial prosperity. As a senior partner at New York’s Arsenal Capital Partners, I’ve supervised more than 200 business acquisitions, managed more than $5 billion in assets, all while owning four small businesses.

Although I had continued business success

I was looking for a spiritual purpose. I wanted to find a way to invest where I could see the results from my giving while feeling like I was contributing to the community.

I turned my entrepreneurial spirit into a spiritual purpose:

I’m building a heartfelt legacy that goes far beyond business success by encouraging and guiding fellow business leaders to do the same. I’ve been in your shoes. I can help you build a framework on how you can invest your money and create measurable returns where you can feel good about what you’re doing while letting God lead you to find your own spiritual purpose.

79% of entrepreneurs say charitable giving is a critical part of who they are. – Fidelity Charitable

Philanthropy as a purposeful investment with an impactful and measurable return

Invest and find your higher purpose with Joelle Marquis

I invite you to think about your company, talents, and philanthropy in a way that aligns your passion and God’s will for you. Your journey will surely be different than mine, and what you choose to do will be very personal. I’ve decided to use the profits from my business accomplishments to be a strategic philanthropist, and our focus on this formula has allowed me — with my humble beginnings — to invest more than $1 million in 2019. Please hear me: These funds are far more than a donation. They are truly an investment, an investment in the quality of life for God’s people, and I absolutely expect them to yield returns – and exponential returns at that.